Wallkill Valley Railroad Company
PO Box 460 Rosendale, NY 12472 USA

Founded 1866

Recent Federal court documents (folder)

1998 Notice to Surface Transportation Board

The Statute Railroad Laws of the State of New York
by John H. Colby; 1882 Weare C. Little & Co., Albany, NY

    Title Page & Table of Contents (PDF)
    Chapter 1 (PDF)
    Chapters 2 through 9 inclusive (PDF)
    Chapters 10 through 14 inclusive (PDF)
    Chapters 15 through 19 inclusive (PDF)
    Chapters 20 through 29 inclusive (PDF)
    Chapters 30 through 41 inclusive (PDF)
    Appendix of Forms (PDF)
    Table of Existing Railroads (PDF)
    Index and Addenda (PDF)
    Supplement (PDF)

Notice to Conrail, Dec. 30, 1992 (Breach of Perpetual Lease)>
Proof of Re-Entry (JPG) (PDF)
Reorganization Charter, June 26, 1877
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Lease in Perpetuity, April 11, 1899
Merger with N.Y. Central Railroad, Feb. 13, 1952
Railroad Deed, June 27, 1986
Affidavit of Title, March. 22, 1967
Trestle Re-Authorization, Feb. 22, 1888
NYS Thruway's Limited Easement (pg. 1)
NYS Thruway's Limited Easement (pg. 2)
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